Pure-FTP / How to Create User or reset Password

Pure-FTP is one of the stable , Secure  FTP server , Very easy to install from source or using YUM in CentOS,  or In Case of Ubuntu just run “sudo Apt-get install pure-ftpd-common pure-ftpd.


After Installation, I have noticed it has a Database of it’s own for handling users and a bunch of nice commands to manage them. here it goes


 Create New FTP User

Open the terminal and run this command:

ajay~# pure-pw useradd ajay -u ftpusers  -g ftpusers -d /var/www/html/ajay

Users are stored by default in this location: /etc/pure-ftpd/pureftpd.passwd , Here -u ftpusers and -g ftpusers represent the corresponding Linux user, This will help you for the permissions and stuff later.

After creating a user, you have to update this database with this command:

ajay~# pure-pw mkdb

If you want to get information about a specific FTP user, use this command:

ajay~# pure-pw show ajay

To list all FTP users,

run this command:

ajay~#  pure-pw list

Reset FTP User Password

If you a user password is forgotten, you can reset it with the following command:

ajay~#  pure-pw passwd ajay

Dont forget to update  your database with this command:

ajay~# pure-pw mkdb


Cool , now feel bit more powerful. have a great time ahead

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