Mac-nsurlsessiond-taking up all bandwidth

When i noticed the upload bandwidth usage of my iMac is high, first thing i checked torrents 🙂 nothing running. but my activity monitor looked like this

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 7.23.55 AM
Activity Monitor-


nsurlsessiond seems to be running all the time and already uploaded 956MB, wow after searching and reading forums found the culprit.  it is my Photo library


In the new Photos app, go to preferences, and you can choose pause for one day. This will stop the transfer for a day, and you can enable when you are sleeping or whatever.

pause for a day
pause for a day

NB: nsurlsessiond is not only iCloud. If you block it with Little Snitch , you won’t be able to browse some websites or submit any forms.

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